[Catalyst] Catalyst Hosting

Matt Rosin telebody at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 03:36:45 GMT 2007


I remember somewhere catalyst-friendly hosting. I'm looking for a new
hosting company. I don't relish using catalyst without root access,
having built it once locally, especially since I don't want to have to
ask the company every time to edit the apache config for me.

1. Has anyone got a good one. I'm thinking of trying a Swamp acct on
HostGator temporarily (around $20) and maybe upgrading to a VPS or
tiny dedicated server later on for about $60-70. I had a VPS at a very
bad hosting company I have to get rid of now. Anyway I understand you
can't do things like ffmpeg with a shared account there so probably a
pain to install other things. I'd probably use fastcgi I think.

2. Is it possible to do all the apache configs needed for running
catalyst (fastcgi, or mod_perl) in a config file in my own public_html
directory I wonder. Or does everyone running catalyst as a normal user
emailing their ISP admin to configure apache every time they write a
new app? Yes I know just get a root account is the answer but I'd like
to know.



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