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Matt Rosin telebody at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 13:49:02 GMT 2007

Thank you everyone for your information on hosting companies. (And
that new wiki page is cool, though needs comments from people now.)

I decided to take a two pronged approach: cheap low priority storage
at a shared host plus a fanatical developer-loving vps host.

So I signed up at hostgator.com for their Baby package, $10/mo. with
the first free from a coupon. This is 100GB and a terabyte of
bandwidth, for a couple family sites and to serve video content

For the VPS host I am deciding between linode and slicehost, I'd start
with 10GB.

Slicehost is a 5 week wait, or 2 weeks if you pay 6 months up front.
It sounds quite cool, heck I want it bad, but  from a place that says
no initial payment it give me a funny feeling. I mean, I used to run a
hosting company myself (in 1995, Tokyo) so I know what they mean when
they mention cashflow and hardware. They probably will have great
service since that is their main thing, and I hope Google or somebody
smart invests in them. There must be some rich hackers in the

It was not clear from either linode or slicehost what tools are
recommended for ordinary operations. A graphic login might have too
much latency from here. Perhaps webmin.. what I mean is root is fine
for apache configs but some things I'd like to use a web interface for
example to quickly change user email aliasing or whatever, if it's
plesk or whm or HSPComplete or webmin, fine. I suppose some examples
of common administration would be useful, they both mention custom
interfaces but I can't tell what.

Linode though has a he.com data center which means I can shave
50-100ms off latency to Japan if I pick them so I am leaning toward
them.for the catalyst vps... though I am wondering if slicehost has
the more advanced infrastructure, and maybe linode has more
handholding? Tough call, maybe should get both? I like slicehost's
attitude and their extra backup service, but also I've been watching
Hurricaine Electric for a long time so ++ for linode. At any rate
there has to be something said for any company that can get you
running the next day.. I already have 100GB now at hostgator even if
it is a cpanel site, and I don't know if I trust their hard disks to
stay up, but they do seem to have most positive reviews at
webhostingunleashed among shared hosts. Oh well, more agonizing to do
now but now I can enjoy it in a bittersweet way thanks to all of you.

Regards to all,

Matt Rosin

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