[Catalyst] C::P::Scheduler

taulmarill at xgn.de taulmarill at xgn.de
Thu Aug 23 14:01:38 GMT 2007

Am Do, 23.08.2007, 14:45, schrieb Will Smith:
> Hi,
>  I'm trying to use the plugin to run a cron job by adding this to the
> myapp.pm :
>  __PACKAGE__->schedule(
>          at    => '0 * * * *',
>          event => '/email/checkemail',
>          auto_run => 1,
>      );
>  This suppose to set the process checkemail run every hour, but it does
> nothing at all. I am not sure whether I have put those line in the wrong
> place, or something else I have to do. Do I need to have a Schedule.yml
> file (this is only an option according to the doc)? Someone has done
> this, please give me some instruction. And if I want  to run the process
> more often, like every 15 min, how could I modify the value, if possible.
>  Thank you

This is from the C::P::Scheduler perldoc:

"Events will run during the first request which meets or exceeds the
specified time."
"The event to run at the specified time can be either a Catalyst private
action path or a coderef."

Have you performed a request after the hour has passed? Is
'/email/checkemail' a private action? Have you RTFM?


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