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Mesdaq, Ali amesdaq at websense.com
Thu Aug 23 17:57:37 GMT 2007

I have used Joomla in the past for a fairly busy community website I run
on the side. When I first learned about Catalyst first thing I did was
look for what cool CMS was created using it. Unfortunately I didn't find
anything ready to go live. I definitely think we need one but for it to
actually be effective and actually get done it shouldn't be over
engineered. I would really like to see a good skeleton of a CMS that
gets a lot of the annoying stuff taken care of and allows for full
customization. I probably can't do too much development on it but I can
help out with the specs, features, wireframes, and roadmap if needed.

Another thing I think is missing from our community is a good catalyst
based forum software. We need this pretty bad in my opinion because I
hate using the other ones out there. Especially since every week there
is a new vulnerability in each one. A good forum and a good CMS will
probably come very handy for us. I know django framework has its own CMS
and admin tool built in. Haven't used it but the idea its built in is
very cool.

Ali Mesdaq
Security Researcher II
Websense Security Labs

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Catalyst makes it easy to build a site with lots of little modules of
content composing a single page - the actual content (words/images)
being scattered in static apache directories, the database, the
templates folders and the code. At some point a content management
system of some type is needed.

While I hand-roll this sort of thing now it might be nice to have a
standard module with perhaps a rich editor and HTML form, or it might be
more powerful with the ability to manage various stories/images on disk
or db, and integrate uploads even, like some of the portal building
systems do. Perhaps one integrated well with Catalyst could also allow
the user to select template files to use in a given part of the screen
to replace not just on a story basis but on a div basis.

I'd just like to ask if anyone uses a CMS (beyond just hand-rolling for
each instance) or has been seeing similar needs. I think much
development time is spent on creating object management interfaces which
perhaps could be boiled down to some repetitive functionality.

Matt Rosin

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