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Davood Firoozian davood.firoozian at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 11:19:14 GMT 2007


We are developing and using a Catalyst Based CMS called OzinoCMS

Sample  Website:

but for some financial reasons the project is paused.
you can take a look at source code, but I think we have to redesign & recode
some parts.

Davood Firoozian

On 8/23/07, Matt Rosin <telebody at gmail.com> wrote:
> Catalyst makes it easy to build a site with lots of little modules of
> content composing a single page - the actual content (words/images)
> being scattered in static apache directories, the database, the
> templates folders and the code. At some point a content management
> system of some type is needed.
> While I hand-roll this sort of thing now it might be nice to have a
> standard module with perhaps a rich editor and HTML form, or it might
> be more powerful with the ability to manage various stories/images on
> disk or db, and integrate uploads even, like some of the portal
> building systems do. Perhaps one integrated well with Catalyst could
> also allow the user to select template files to use in a given part of
> the screen to replace not just on a story basis but on a div basis.
> I'd just like to ask if anyone uses a CMS (beyond just hand-rolling
> for each instance) or has been seeing similar needs. I think much
> development time is spent on creating object management interfaces
> which perhaps could be boiled down to some repetitive functionality.
> Matt Rosin
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Davood Firoozian
Proud Developer
Ozino Group http://www.ozino.com
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