[Catalyst] A Perl Message Queue?

Robert Mah rmah at pobox.com
Fri Aug 24 01:56:34 GMT 2007

Good message queue systems can exceed 100,000 messages per second in
throughput.  They say OpenAMQ does, for example.


I suggest looking at OpenAMQ (openamq.org).  It is free (GNU license),
supported and used by major companies for $$$ work, looks well designed,
seems very flexible, has great performance, and, most importantly, has perl


Another popular free message queue is ActiveMQ.  Only downside to it is that
it seems rather geared towards java and it's JMS philosophy (though perl
bindings are available).




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On 8/23/07, Tobias Kremer <list at funkreich.de> wrote:

> Has anyone seen stuff like a Messages Queue (I dont have other words for
> it) But a more generic implementation of a thing where you can put in
> messages and  pick them out in some other part of the program. 
> It would be nice when you have stuff that takes longer that people usually
> can wait for.

Maybe TheSchwartz does what you want:



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I second using TheSchwartz -- 6a/TypePad had a presentation at OSCON on it,
reporting that they were having throughput of 800 messages per second. 

We're using it at my job, and loving it.  I wrote out the very high level
"experience" at

Also, you can look at Gearman.

Hope this helps,

J. Shirley :: jshirley at gmail.com :: Killing two stones with one bird...

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