[Catalyst] Is there any way to change the catalyst model parameters at the runtime ?

Sandip Patel sandip at deeproot.co.in
Mon Aug 27 10:45:59 GMT 2007

Hi Guys,

Does anybody know how to change the parameters of catalyst model at the 
runtime ?

Actually i am using "Catalyst::Model::LDAP" model, where you have to 
define your ldap configurations (like host, base, dn, password etc) into 
LDAP model and that configuration will be static for all the 
transactions. For all Relational databases, this type of model will be 
ok but for ldap it should bind with the username and password which has 
been provided by the loged in user. Once we can do this we can also use 
ldap level security (ACLs).

That is why i am looking for the way i can modify the configuration 
parameters of the LDAP Model at runtime.

Sandip Patel

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