[Catalyst] Mmap of shared file Operation not permitted

Kiki kiki at bsdro.org
Mon Aug 27 15:36:41 GMT 2007

Dennis Daupert wrote:
> I had not changed anything on the hosted site, but noticed the
> apache2 error log statement. I upgraded the OS -- debian etch --
> upgraded all perl modules, noticed I could not install
> Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap as root using CPAN.pm.
> I got same error as above:
> t/basic............ok 1/20Mmap of shared file
> /tmp/sessionstoretest/session_data failed: Operation not permitted at
> /usr/lib/perl5/Cache/FastMmap.pm line 496.
> I'll switch to another news group if need be, but I wanted to
> first check this list. I am not (yet) well-schooled on just
> how Cache/FastMmap works, or why he's not allowed to do that
> operation.

If /tmp is mounted with the 'noexec' option, a mmap with PROT_EXEC will
fail with EPERM which translates to the above error message. Dunno, if
that's the case for Cache::FastMmap but I would still check mount
options for /tmp

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