[Catalyst] Mmap of shared file Operation not permitted

Wade.Stuart at fallon.com Wade.Stuart at fallon.com
Tue Aug 28 15:42:27 GMT 2007

Dennis Daupert <ddaupert at sbcglobal.net> wrote on 08/27/2007 04:39:50 PM:

> >> Mmap of shared file /tmp/catapult/session_data failed:
> >> Operation not permitted at /usr/lib/perl5/Cache/FastMmap.pm line 496.
> Kiki:
> > If /tmp is mounted with the 'noexec' option, a mmap with PROT_EXEC will
> > fail with EPERM which translates to the above error message.
> That's it!
> cat /etc/mtab:
> <snip>
> simfs /tmp simfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec 0 0
> Thanks BIG for helping me narrow this down.
> Since this is a VPS, I'll circle back to the ISP.
> /dennis


      While changing the mount options of tmp would "fix" the error you are
seeing and is the cause of the error,  it usually makes sense to leave
those options on tmp.  My suggested fix would be to store the session data
(and all app related data) in a directory that has been setup for the app
(tmpfs or real).  This is more secure as you can limit entry to the
directory structure to the app and other related processes (via running
user).  noexec and other limiting options on /tmp are to help starve off
common security exploits (such as rootkit creation -- exec -- rm inode).
Might I suggest (staying with unix like directory structures) that you
create a directory for your apps growing/tmp data in /var or /var/spool/.


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