[Catalyst] Mmap of shared file Operation not permitted

August R. Wohlt catalyst at isidore.net
Tue Aug 28 16:36:24 GMT 2007

Hi Dennis,

I have seen this problem with any software that tries to do an mmap() system
call on simfs, which is what the openvz/ivirtuozzo product line uses in
their VPS nodes. If you make any progress on this, please let me know. It'd
save me a huge headache!!


On 8/27/07, Dennis Daupert <ddaupert at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> >> Mmap of shared file /tmp/catapult/session_data failed:
> >> Operation not permitted at /usr/lib/perl5/Cache/FastMmap.pm line 496.
> Kiki:
> > If /tmp is mounted with the 'noexec' option, a mmap with PROT_EXEC will
> > fail with EPERM which translates to the above error message.
> That's it!
> cat /etc/mtab:
> <snip>
> simfs /tmp simfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec 0 0
> Thanks BIG for helping me narrow this down.
> Since this is a VPS, I'll circle back to the ISP.
> /dennis
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