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Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
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Can you tell me if this CMS can be used only with the keyboard? (with no mo=

If somebody knows a CMS that is accessible only with the keyboard and which=
 can create tables and links by someone that doesn't know HTML, please tell=


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  We are developing and using a Catalyst Based CMS called OzinoCMS http://w=

  Sample  Website:

  but for some financial reasons the project is paused.
  you can take a look at source code, but I think we have to redesign & rec=
ode some parts.

  Davood Firoozian

  On 8/23/07, Matt Rosin <telebody at gmail.com> wrote:
    Catalyst makes it easy to build a site with lots of little modules of
    content composing a single page - the actual content (words/images)
    being scattered in static apache directories, the database, the
    templates folders and the code. At some point a content management =

    system of some type is needed.

    While I hand-roll this sort of thing now it might be nice to have a
    standard module with perhaps a rich editor and HTML form, or it might
    be more powerful with the ability to manage various stories/images on =

    disk or db, and integrate uploads even, like some of the portal
    building systems do. Perhaps one integrated well with Catalyst could
    also allow the user to select template files to use in a given part of
    the screen to replace not just on a story basis but on a div basis. =

    I'd just like to ask if anyone uses a CMS (beyond just hand-rolling
    for each instance) or has been seeing similar needs. I think much
    development time is spent on creating object management interfaces
    which perhaps could be boiled down to some repetitive functionality.

    Matt Rosin

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  Davood Firoozian
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