[Catalyst] creating a model

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Assuming you are using ActiveState Perl, it is quite strange that you 
don't have a working Tie::RefHash since it is part of the basic Perl 
install. I'm not totally sure, but I think it is even part of the 

Sometimes, due to botched installs and such, your copy of the Perl module 
tree gets corrupted. I had it some while ago too, getting lots of strange 
error messages during CPAN / CPANPLUS installs and the modules not 
compiling anymore in my mingw-environment (and no, the error messages were 
not helpful at all).

I re-installed the latest ActiveState for Windows, did a ppm install of 
Catalyst::Runtime to get a basic Catalyst system up-and-running and then 
added the necessary additional modules and plugins through CPAN or 
CPANPLUS or ppm as necessary. It took me a few hours but it all went fine. 
Having the mingw environment available  and adding the "Randy Kobes" ppm 
repository was a big help, if not, absolutely necessary.

Oh yes, I also had to upgrade nmake.exe to a more recent version as the 
"old" nmake choked on the length of the arguments Catalyst needs when 


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Oh yes, I was that who said that I have finally "solved" the problem, by 
stalling Tie::RefHash by force, however I am not sure I won't have 
 in the future because of this.

Installing by force, just created 2 files:


I don't know, but I think it should also create another files than these 


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