[Catalyst] Browser window/tab independent sessions

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 21:34:59 GMT 2007

From: "Perrin Harkins" <perrin at elem.com>

> Octavian Rasnita wrote:
>> Well, it seems that Internet Explorer doesn't work that way.
> Sometimes it does.  It depends on whether you open new windows from the 
> File menu or an existing browser (or right click on a link) or by starting 
> a new browser from your IE icon.

Of course, you are right.

However, this is not important for what the user needs. I *guess* that the 
user might want to be able to use 2 separate browser sessions on his 
computer, without needing to log off from one account before logging in with 
another username.
And when using cookies with an expiry date equals to 0, the user can do 

When shift+clicking on a link from a page for opening it into another 
window, of course (fortunately) the browser sends a request with the cookies 
from the original window, because otherwise we wouldn't be able to open a 
certain link into a new window if that window is protected with a 
cookie-based session.
When we use control+n for opening a new window starting from a certain 
window that has a protected page displayed in it, the browser does exactly 
the same thing, but it doesn't open an URL from a link, because there is no 
link. It just opens the same page in the new window, including cookies.

If the user wants not to open the same page into another window and not to 
open a certain link in a new window, but wants to just open a new empty 
window for make a separate login for example, he can do that by clicking on 
the icon that starts the browser, or use a hotkey for this...

And I think this is what is wanted, because I can't see other needs for 
having 2 separate sessions on the same computer.


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