[Catalyst] Managing CPAN on Ubuntu [was: 'Installing under ...' on the wiki]

Thomas Hartman thomashartman1 at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 9 16:04:42 GMT 2007

I actually tried to manage this from pimpmycat too.


(mentioned in the readme script)

This is unfortunately a bit impure, as it installs some stuff that
isnt' strictly necessary for catalyst... (eg emacs) so I wound up
mixing my personal preferences, which should probably be taken out.
But, as you see, it does include build-essentials -- because you need
that to get catalyst working, I found.


2007/1/9, Kenny Gatdula <kennyg at pobox.com>:
> Richard Jolly wrote:
> > I did look, but I'm afraid I didn't play with it. I was hoping to find a semi-standard solution rather than have to adopt a script that might involve it's own maintenance. I'm pretty sympathetic to the approach however. It's a kind of deliberate overkill to be sure you've actually sandboxed everything.
> >
> I just recently went through this on a new install of Ubuntu Edgy, and
> ended up using apt-get to install Catalyst. It worked pretty well, but,
> it's not the latest version. It's easier than having to wrestle with the
> dependencies. Use `apt-cache search catalyst', and you'll see a few
> modules that can get you started.  If you need to install modules via
> CPAN in the future, install the build-essential package for the
> compilers, etc.
> Hope this helps,
> Kenny
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