[Catalyst] catalystinstaller.sh - Automated Catalyst installation for FC6

Doran Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Tue Jan 16 21:44:03 GMT 2007

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Installing Catalyst on a Fedora/RedHat system can be a challenge - especially
if you insist on keeping all installed software manageable via RPM. This is
because many of the packages required to run Catalyst are not available from
any common repositories and therefore must be built as RPM packages.

Eventually, I believe these packages will either show up in fedora-extras or
a new third-party repository will be created for Perl modules required by
Catalyst that are provided neither by fedora-core or fedora-extras.

In the meantime, I?ve created a straightfoward shell script called
catalystinstaller.sh that drives yum and cpan2rpm to install everything you
need to get a good start developing Catalyst apps on a Fedora Core 6 system.

I?m aware of one problem with this script, so far. When building
Catalyst::Runtime. the module?s configuration routines complain that the
optional package Catalyst::Engine::Apache is not installed. It appears to
want version 1.05 which is an older version than what is currently available.
The currently available version is installed by this point in the process.
So, just hit ENTER when it asks if you want to install it (the default is No).

This is a first release (v0.01). Run at your own risk. Please report any
issues you run across and, of course, any suggestions you come up with.

I would love to set up a yum repository for these packages that are not
available yet in the standard repositories, so, if someone wants to help with
that project, please let me know. The hard part won?t be setting up the
repository, but keeping packages up to date.

Interested parties can download the catalystinstaller.sh script here:


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