[Catalyst] Recommend methods for form handling

Juan Miguel Paredes juan.paredes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 22:57:37 GMT 2007

On 1/17/07, Ian Docherty <catalyst at iandocherty.com> wrote:
> John Napiorkowski wrote:
> > I think FillInForm is quasi depreciated, since it
> > parses each request and can slow things down quite a
> > bit.
> >
> I had an initial struggle with FillInForm initially, but then I
> struggled finding a good alternative in the first place.
> I am now quite keen on using it and have used it for several large web
> and intranet sites with no problems.
> The only issue I had was with checkboxes filled in from the database,
> since CGI does not send back a value for unchecked checkboxes then
> FillInForm would not handle them correctly so I had to develop a
> work-around.
> Regards
> Ian Docherty (IcyDee)

Oh, amazing! I was just starting to write a post asking something like
that, although my problem showed on radiobuttons (e.g. option 0=No
doesn't get selected), using Formbuilder, but I think it's the same
principle.  Would you please show/explain your workaround? In the
meanwhile, I just tried using "false" instead of "0" (works for
inserting/updating, at least with PostgreSQL) and converting "0" to
"false" when filling form, but I don't think it's really elegant...


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