[Catalyst] DNS as a Catalyst Model

Valentin Tumarkin valentin-lists at fuzzycow.org
Wed Jun 6 16:55:24 GMT 2007

I've previously implemented a Catalyst Model for Dynamic DNS updates using
Net::DNS.  It worked like a charm.   Unfortunately the source code belongs
to my employer, and I'm not sure they'll readily agree to release it.
However if there's enough interest - I can try.

In any case - its not so hard - a working pilot implementation took less
then two days.

As for async operation - I'm do not think its worth the trouble if you your
apache if forking children, and you are quering local DNS server, for local
DNS zones.


On 6/6/07, Leo Cacciari <leo.cacciari at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm planing to develop a Catalyst::Model::DNS, allowing Catalyst
> applications to access (and update through dynamic queries) a Domain
> Name Service.
> Obviously, the first concern is to not reinvent the wheel. I'm unable to
> find such a module on CPAN, so  it does not seems to exist. However,
> someone could be working on it out there... If so, please let me know!
> Now come the questions. First, I'm thinking to use Net::DNS
> (http://search.cpan.org/~olaf/Net-DNS-0.59/lib/Net/DNS.pm and
> http://www.net-dns.org/) as an underlying module, wrapping it in a
> subclass of Catalyst::Module, having the wrapper performing
> Catalyst-related tasks, e.g. using the Catalyst configuration mechanism
> instead of the one included in Net::DNS. Is this the right approach?
> Should I use Net::DNS (which I know for already having used it) or there
> are other DNS modules better suited for using in a Catalyst model? (see
> also the second question below).
> My second question is more generic, but I'll frame it in the context of
> this mail nevertheless. DNS queries can be time-consuming, thus to avoid
> blocking the application while waiting for the answer, Net::DNS allows
> "background queries" (see
> http://search.cpan.org/~olaf/Net-DNS-0.59/lib/Net/DNS.pm#Perform_a_backgr=
> How could I make this behaviour accessible to Catalyst controllers/views?
> What I was thinking was something along the following lines (where
> generate_unique_identifier does what it says;)):
> sub submit_request {
>   my $self =3D shift;
>   my $socket =3D $self->resolver->bgsend(@_);
>   my $id =3D generate_unique_identifier();
>   $self->{pending}->{$id} =3D $socket;
>   return $id;
> }
> sub retrive_answer {
>    my $self =3D shift;
>    my ($id) =3D @_;
>    $socket =3D $self->{pending}->{$id};
>    return undef unless $self->resolver->bgisready($socket);
>    delete $self->{pending}->{$id};
>    return $self->resolver->bgread($socket);
> }
> I use an indirection, returning an identifier, for two reasons: first,
> this ensure that the socket reading will be done by the model. Second,
> this should be easier to integrate in a cache mechanism, which I plan
> adding to the model.
> --
> Leo Cacciari
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