[Catalyst] Auth plugin for mod_auth_tkt

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Wed Jun 6 22:15:01 GMT 2007

Good morning,

I am about to create a plugin to use mod_auth_tkt for 
authentication, but just wanted to check that no one else has 
done one before I start.

And I'm still on my Catalyst learning curve, so if there are any 
HOWTOs or tutorials on writing authentication plugins, I would 
love to know about them.

In case anyone wants to know why I'm using mod_auth_tkt, I'm 
porting an old app to Catalyst. And the app has apache frontend 
process (mod_perl backend) which needs to protect static 
content. If you have other suggestions for protecting static 
content in frontend apache that works well with Catalyst, I'm 
happy to look at alternatives to mod_auth_tkt.


PS. Is there any interest from others for this plugin? I will be 
happy to share if there is.
    Charlie Garrison  <garrison at zeta.org.au>
    PO Box 141, Windsor, NSW 2756, Australia

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