[Catalyst] Auth plugin for mod_auth_tkt

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Wed Jun 6 22:28:02 GMT 2007

Charlie Garrison wrote on 6/6/07 4:15 PM:
> Good morning,
> I am about to create a plugin to use mod_auth_tkt for authentication, 
> but just wanted to check that no one else has done one before I start.
> And I'm still on my Catalyst learning curve, so if there are any HOWTOs 
> or tutorials on writing authentication plugins, I would love to know 
> about them.
> In case anyone wants to know why I'm using mod_auth_tkt, I'm porting an 
> old app to Catalyst. And the app has apache frontend process (mod_perl 
> backend) which needs to protect static content. If you have other 
> suggestions for protecting static content in frontend apache that works 
> well with Catalyst, I'm happy to look at alternatives to mod_auth_tkt.
> Thanks,
> Charlie
> PS. Is there any interest from others for this plugin? I will be happy 
> to share if there is.

I also use mod_auth_tkt. I submitted a patch to the author several weeks ago 
that makes it easier to get at the internal cookie values via Apache::AuthTkt. 
You might want to post to that list and nudge him to release a new version to 
CPAN. It'll probably make your plugin much easier to write.

Are you planning this plugin to work with the existing Session::* stuff?

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