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Leo Cacciari leo.cacciari at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 15:48:50 GMT 2007

Il giorno gio, 07/06/2007 alle 15.00 +0100, Matt S Trout ha scritto:
> On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 10:43:59AM +0200, Leo Cacciari wrote:
> > Sorry for the post to the list.... I truly hate Reply-To header.... My
> > mail reader has a 'reply to all' butto just for replying to mailing
> > lists... Well, I'll be more attentive in the future...
> And mine (mutt) lets you hit 'r', 'n', enter to reply to the original poster
> even with reply-to munging on.
> reply-to munging in -principle- is a bad thing but in practice it results
> in less misrouted mail on a list like this where the vast majority case is
> wanting to make an on-list reply - I was opposed to turning it on originally
> but there was a clear majority in favour (I'm your friendly neighbourhood
> listadmin if you weren't aware :) and in practice it does seem to have turned
> out to be the better option for this list.

Yes, I know the rationale behind the decision to use Reply-To, I even
agree with it, but I still thinks that having it on a mailing list is a
PITA :). Maybe mail readers should have a configuration option to ignore
Reply-To at leas when it's equal to List-Post... 

Leo "TheHobbit" Cacciari

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