[Catalyst] fixed Catalyst::Component::ACCEPT_CONTEXT

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Jun 13 14:44:48 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I released Catalyst-Component-ACCEPT_CONTEXT-0.03 this morning.  It fixes a 
bug where the next ACCEPT_CONTEXT in the NEXT call chain wasn't passed the 
context, and it fixes the context destruction / memory cycle bug.  It might 
still be broken :), so any feedback would be appreciated.  

ACCEPT_CONTEXT is a simple concept, but the details are messy.  Hopefully I'll 
get this module right and spare you most of the details :)

Enjoy, and thanks for feedback so far.

Jonathan Rockway

package JAPH;use Catalyst qw/-Debug/;($;=JAPH)->config(name => do {
$,.=reverse qw[Jonathan tsu rehton lre rekca Rockway][$_].[split //,
";$;"]->[$_].q; ;for 1..4;$,=~s;^.;;;$,});$;->setup;

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