[Catalyst] Re: Template creates objects via belongs_to autovivification

Matt Rosin mattrosin at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 16:44:36 GMT 2007

Hi, thanks for your comment. But,

1. I use NOT_NULL so my program has less opportunity to ever crash :) no really I saw DBIxC crash in the past I'm pretty sure though cannot document now, perhaps the calling a method on a nonexistent object error... I would prefer it to say "0" than to crash. Perhaps other people have smarter ways to improve robustness...

2. At any rate, I do not think it is doing the right thing, regardless. It is a bug if you cannot test for whether the related object exists, and when an SQL insert is generated on another table. In particular I think this is happening mainly during interpretation of TT2's dot notation. I would expect $mytransaction->customer->b_company not to create a Customer object in the db too. Am I wrong in this? So should I either allow NULL in transaction.customer or else use might_have? The might_have docs suggest cascading updates too...


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