[Catalyst] test server with -host

Matt Lawrence matt.lawrence at ymogen.net
Tue Jun 19 09:29:31 GMT 2007

Daniel McBrearty wrote:
> Then I can see the page on the linux guest (the dev m/c), on
> the host it appears but is VERY slow if I ask for it by ip address,
> but no problem when I just ask for localhost on the dev m/c. (WIth
> lighty there is noticeable delay.)
> Anyhow, whatever the problem is it doesn't seem to be cat, but some
> odd ubuntu/vmware thing. I don't see why cat server would be slow
> binding to but not localhost though.
guest-to-host bridged networking on vmware can be very slow, it's
something to do with the ethernet interface getting confused about
receiving packets that haven't actually come through the NIC.

If you turn off TSO, TX and/or RX checking on the host machine, the
speed improves dramatically, in my experience. I'm not sure if there
could be any nasty side-effects, I've never noticed anything myself.


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