[Catalyst] Adding DBIC schema causes TT error

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Thu Jun 21 00:01:02 GMT 2007

Good morning,

On 20/6/07 at 2:55 PM -0700, Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org> wrote:

>Doesn't really sound like your problem,
>although it's a bit odd that adding a schema class would effect
>how TT finds templates.

I would agree with that.  :-|

>If you are getting a template not found error then maybe enabling
>debugging in Template::Provider would help -- or just throw in a few
>warn messages to see what paths it's looking for the template.

Would you mind giving some specifics. I added "DEBUG => '1'" to 
__PACKAGE__->config in my View::TT but I'm not seeing any extra 
debug info. I am using a mostly default setup for View::TT,

     CATALYST_VAR => 'Catalyst',
     INCLUDE_PATH => [
         RP->path_to( 'root', 'src' ),
         RP->path_to( 'root', 'lib' )
     PRE_PROCESS  => 'config/main',
     WRAPPER      => 'site/wrapper',
     ERROR        => 'error.tt2',
     TIMER        => 0,
     TEMPLATE_EXTENSION => '.tt2',
     DEBUG        => '1',

How do I enable debugging in Template::Provider? Following the 
man page, I also tried this:

use Template::Constants qw( :debug );
     DEBUG        => DEBUG_PROVIDER,

With that option I got this:

[Template::Provider] creating cache of unlimited slots for [ 
CODE(0x1d38890) ]

But no other debugging output that I could see.


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