[Catalyst] Template rendering error under mod_perl

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Fri Jun 29 17:27:43 GMT 2007

Richard Jones wrote:
> Kiki wrote:
>> Richard Jones wrote:
>>> Having developed my application sufficiently to see it working well so
>>> far, I though I should configure it to run under mod_perl. I have used
>>> the TTSite helper to generate the templates. The app runs fine using
>>> myapp_server.pl, but under mod_perl I get the following:
>>> Couldn't render template "file error - login.tt2: not found"
>> Could be a permission issue, has the user the webserver runs under
>> access to that path / those files?
>> _______________________________________________
> The user/group permissions on root/src and root/lib and the files 
> therein are the same as for lib/MyApp.pm, so presumably that isn't the 
> issue? There is nothing obvious in the error_log, though Apache 
> doesn't seem to log file permission errors even under debug mode.
OK, contrary to my previous post, it clearly is a file permissions issue 
(thanks KiKi), as chmod 777 * -R in MyApp fixed the problem at a stroke 
(it's not on a public server!).  Changing all directories to 755 and 
files to 644 (or 666 if need to be writable) seems to retain functionality.

Could I have avoided this embarrassment by using Makefile.PL in the app 
directory? OT I know, but what is the recommended permissions for files 
and directories for web-apps run under Catalyst/mod_perl?

Richard Jones 

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