[Catalyst] Re: Template rendering error under mod_perl

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Fri Jun 29 21:11:59 GMT 2007

* Richard Jones <ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk> [2007-06-29 18:35]:
> OK, contrary to my previous post, it clearly is a file
> permissions issue (thanks KiKi), as chmod 777 * -R in MyApp
> fixed the problem at a stroke (it's not on a public server!).
> Changing all directories to 755 and files to 644 (or 666 if
> need to be writable) seems to retain functionality.

It should never be necessary to make a file or directory world-
writable. If you find yourself needing to, then you’ve done
something wrong with the account situation on the machine.

(I know you said this isn’t production; I wanted to reinforce
that this is a Bad Idea.)

Aristotle Pagaltzis // <http://plasmasturm.org/>

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