[Catalyst] Meta::Interpolate - caching weirdness

Randy Moore ramoore at axion-it.com
Fri Nov 9 16:17:39 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Newbie here with my first big project under Catalyst.

I'm trying to use a TT plugin for Catalyst that allows template 
variables to be used in [% META %] tags.  I found this on Tony Bowden's 
page here (http://nothing.tmtm.com/archives/201) and he credits Jonas 
Liljegren, so I'm guessing the code originated here 

I've got it working.  This does just what I would expect:

    [% USE Meta::Interpolate %]
    [% META title =  '-"${category.name} at Our Site"'  %]

But, when I move to another category page, the page title has been 
cached somewhere and will not change for 10 minutes.  After it expires 
out of the cache, the next category page I hit will set the title which 
will be show on all category pages for the next 10 minutes.  Pages where 
the title has NOT been set using the META tag are not affected by this.  
They keep the page title set by the site.template variable. 

This is was setup using the TTSite view, not sure if that is relevant.
I have disabled the internal TT template_caching (just for development), 
so that should not be the issue

I am using the Cache plugin for TT but I'm not caching the <head> 
section of my pages,

Any suggestions on how to track down what is causing these titles to be 
cached would be much appreciated.


Randy Moore
Axion Information Technologies, Inc.

phone: 301-587-3300 x 511
fax:   301-585-7450


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