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On Nov 12, 2007 11:19 AM, Peter Edwards <peter at dragonstaff.com> wrote:

> I'd recommend ExtJS over Dojo. We did an app with it a few months ago
> after
> a recommendation here and it rocked. It's faster than Dojo which was a big
> plus. Version 2 now out.
> http://extjs.com/
> To serve it data use Catalyst::View::JSON. It's easier than you might
> think.
> We could do a simple Advent day on this, although someone already
> volunteered YUI (which ExtJS spawned off) so maybe not necessary?
> Alternatively we could do a simple app that uses multiple .pl
> configuration
> files and demonstrates batch program access to DBIC data objects?
> (Been meaning to release this as a Cat demo app so it would be a good
> motivator for us to get on with it.)
> Regards, Peter
> Dragonstaff Limited  http://www.dragonstaff.com   Business IT Consultancy
I don't want to be too top heavy on the YUI/Ajax stuff, and we already have
2 days but it is the way the market is going now it seems, so I think it
would be ok.  Could you grab me off list or on IRC (I'm jshirley) to talk
about the details of your article?

Since you are using Ext, and it is somewhat backend-agnostic (works with
jquery, prototype, yui, etc) it would be another good alternative.

And maybe mst can do something w/ dojo to compare. :)


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