[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Config::Any 0.09_01

Brian Cassidy brian.cassidy at nald.ca
Tue Nov 13 18:44:41 GMT 2007

Hello All,

I've released a development version of Config::Any with a few new 
features. Primarily it will now relay errors thrown when a loader can't 
parse your config file. This means no more silent failures when you have 
bad YAML. Also, YAML's multi document syntax is now handled properly.

I'd appreciate if everyone could test this with their existing code to 
make sure there are no regression's we've missed. Full Changes follows:

0.09_01 Tue Nov 13 2007
     - code and pod cleanups
     - use_ext is now on by default
     - when use_ext is on, if a loader throws an error, we throw an error
     - fix case where use_ext is defined and false, but was behaving like
       use_ext => 1
     - allow loaders to return multiple documents as an array
     - each plugin now has an is_supported() method which helps us 
figure out
       if the right modules are available


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