[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::LDAP problems

Matija Grabnar matija at serverflow.com
Tue Nov 13 07:49:07 GMT 2007

Peter Karman wrote:
> that's not an ideal test. Should probably have some kind of timeout 
> and skip()
> associated. I'll look at that.
Please do. I'm getting "connection refused" (so I assume the server is down)
>> b) When I attempt to set up exactly (copy/paste except for bind
>> parameters) according to documentation, Catalyst crashes
>> because $c->authenticate is not defined.
> hm. sounds like you might not have the most current
> Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication module installed. What version are you running?
I have the version that comes standard with Debian stable. Here's the
Module id = Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication
    DESCRIPTION  Authentication support for Catalyst
    CPAN_USERID  NUFFIN (Yuval Kogman <nothingmuch at woobling.org>)
    CPAN_VERSION 0.10002
    CPAN_FILE    J/JA/JAYK/Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-0.10002.tar.gz
    MANPAGE      Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication - Infrastructure 
plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework.
    INST_FILE    /usr/share/perl5/Catalyst/Plugin/Authentication.pm

I'll try upgrading and will let you know how it turns out.

> Without seeing some code and your config, we can only guess. If you can create
> a small, reproducable test case, all the better.
Well, I did say I copy/pasted from the documentation, and only changed the
hostnames and passwords (which I won't post to the list anyway).
I'll post the entire kit and kaboodle if the upgrade mentioned above doesn't
do the trick.
> I believe Apache stores the user name from its auth in the REMOTE_USER env var

Yeah, but I guess that means giving up roles. Sigh. Ah well, better this 
as plan B than no plan B.

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