[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::LDAP problems

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Mon Nov 12 14:25:11 GMT 2007

On 11/12/2007 06:17 AM, Matija Grabnar wrote:
> Is anybody using Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::LDAP ?
> I tried using it on my Debian stable install, and I've been unable to
> make it work:
> a) instalation test fail because the ldap server ldap.openldap.org used
> in the tests is not responding.

that's not an ideal test. Should probably have some kind of timeout and skip()
associated. I'll look at that.

> b) When I attempt to set up exactly (copy/paste except for bind
> parameters) according to documentation, Catalyst crashes
> because $c->authenticate is not defined.

hm. sounds like you might not have the most current
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication module installed. What version are you running?

> c) When I replace $c->authenticate with c->login, I get a message saying
> default_store is not defined.
> Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

Without seeing some code and your config, we can only guess. If you can create
a small, reproducable test case, all the better.

> Incidentaly:
> I've got LDAP authentication working with Apache. Is there an
> authentication method that simply takes over the username and password
> that Apache got from the user?

I believe Apache stores the user name from its auth in the REMOTE_USER env var.

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