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Nigel Metheringham nigel.metheringham at dev.intechnology.co.uk
Tue Nov 13 11:37:25 GMT 2007

On 13 Nov 2007, at 11:16, Richard Jones wrote:
> Possibly a bit OT now, but as I'm about to set up another production
> server and was going to use CentOS 5, I'm a bit concerned. Matt
> mentioned fstab and init, but not as far as I can see Perl - in what
> way is Perl broken on CentOS 5?

Some bodged backports make certain operations stupidly slow. For an
example see the (Fedora) bug report 253728


As of a couple of weeks back this was definitely in RHEL5/Centos5.
Bearing in mind the timing of the recent RHEL5.1 release (no Centos 5.1
as yet), I really expect that its in there too - and I am not convinced
the RH guys have given pushing this fix out any priority at all...

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