[Catalyst] PathPart help

Ashley Pond V apv at sedition.com
Thu Nov 15 21:23:07 GMT 2007

Now the difference with the path prefix stuff is lost to me.

This fixes the root namespace issue (seems obvious now) and works like
the path prefix is supposed to.

__PACKAGE__->config( namespace => 'a' )

What finer point am I missing? You're right, it's not in the
release yet, just the trunk.

On Nov 15, 2007, at 1:03 PM, Christopher H. Laco wrote:

> Ashley Pond V wrote:
>> That is really cool and answers something I've wanted to do for a  
>> long
>> time (let the user define the URI to customize a package). I have a
>> question. Using the PathPrefix seems to work as advertised but it  
>> does
>> not replace the default path.
>> So, in a test I just did, MyApp::Controller::Article with
>> __PACKAGE__->config( path => 'a' ) gives the expected, new, result at
>> path "/a" but also still responds at "/article." Seems like this  
>> is not
>> DWIW or M. (I'm using the sample sub in the post, not the trunk  
>> code).
>> The others replace correctly though(?).
>> /a == /article
>>   but
>> /a/id works while /article/id fails as I'd like.
>> -Ashley
> Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe PathPrefix is  
> in a
> release yet...only current source, which is probably going to be 5.9.
> I still, as of the latest release on CPAN, have to add the PathPrefix
> attr parsing sub.
> Good old LTjake. That post has save me many hours of crying...over,  
> and
> over with chained.
> -=Chris
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