[Catalyst] Fancy graphing -> like Google Finance, anybody done it?

Matt Rosin telebody at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 14:35:43 GMT 2007

Not clear whether you want to make a png image that looks like that
chart, or to make a full featured one identical to it. You do realize
that by holding the mouse button down you can drag the chart sideways
and it auto-rescales, and that the mouse pointer is followed on the
line chart and on the X-axis too, right? And there are settings behind
a settings tab..

The demo at open flash chart is silly. Perhaps you could do what you
want with a popular javascript widget library. Along those lines you
might wish to consider OpenLaszlo which will let you render an app to
flash (good, recommended) or javascript (performance not as good).
Adobe's flex might do it but I've stayed away from them for so long
it's gotten to be a bad habit (I think it is somewhat free).

http://www.openlaszlo.org/  it can do everything you want I expect.

Matt Rosin

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