[Catalyst] Fancy graphing -> like Google Finance, anybody done it?

Dustin Suchter dsuchter at ucla.edu
Sat Nov 17 20:46:27 GMT 2007

The previous suggestions I've seen seem to be in line with what I
wanted, as would be OL (if I wanted something really complex). Yes,
I want the graphic to be interactive, draggable, etc, just like
Google Finance's chats.


Matt Rosin wrote:
> Not clear whether you want to make a png image that looks like that
> chart, or to make a full featured one identical to it. You do realize
> that by holding the mouse button down you can drag the chart sideways
> and it auto-rescales, and that the mouse pointer is followed on the
> line chart and on the X-axis too, right? And there are settings behind
> a settings tab..
> The demo at open flash chart is silly. Perhaps you could do what you
> want with a popular javascript widget library. Along those lines you
> might wish to consider OpenLaszlo which will let you render an app to
> flash (good, recommended) or javascript (performance not as good).
> Adobe's flex might do it but I've stayed away from them for so long
> it's gotten to be a bad habit (I think it is somewhat free).
> http://www.openlaszlo.org/  it can do everything you want I expect.
> Matt Rosin
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