[Catalyst] Prior Art: Scheduling Application

Ashley Pond V apv at sedition.com
Mon Nov 19 00:41:50 GMT 2007

I'm looking at doing a Cat App for my wife's green cleaning business  
to handle scheduling, reminder emails for cleaners/clients/managers,  
quote requests, billing tracking, display open times for cleans, and  
auto-assignment of jobs based on address of client + preference of  
cleaner. As long as I can keep the code clean enough to not be  
embarrassing I'd open source it. (I'd love name suggestions or to  
hear from anyone interested in a commit bit for app too.)

While I enjoy writing stuff from scratch and don't even mind a little  
reinvention now and then I'd like to ask–

1. Has anyone already written a scheduling app with Cat (is it open  
source; would/can you share code otherwise)?
2. Is there something non-Cat I should be considering first; or at  
least stealing design?


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