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Chisel Wright chisel at herlpacker.co.uk
Mon Nov 19 15:53:36 GMT 2007

On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 10:38:45AM -0500, Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> Just called GoDaddy. This is so fucked up. They won't let anyone pay for
> renewal who isn't the last person/card on file with the 4 digit pin or
> the same credit card.
> That's retarded. They say it's because the person who last paid for it
> could move it and take control...aka, their system is fucking broken.
> That just makes me want to find another registrar that isn't so broken.

I assume we need Yuval on the case then? [unless I've mis-read my whois

Anyone tried pinging him?

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