[Catalyst] Patch to make ConfigLoader load "local" files

Brian Cassidy brian.cassidy at nald.ca
Wed Nov 21 14:57:28 GMT 2007

John Tate wrote:
> I point to the config file using the environment variable MYAPP_CONFIG, 
> set in my mod_perl configuration, but I don't mess with any of the other 
> ways of setting the config path, nor anything to do with the local suffix.

That was the hint i needed. It turns out that explicit config paths 
weren't having the suffix appended properly. I've checked in a patch + 
test in svn (r7145) [1]. I'll push a new version to CPAN soon-ish.


[1] http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/svnweb/Catalyst/revision/?rev=7145

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