[Catalyst] Patch to make ConfigLoader load "local" files

John Tate jt6 at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Nov 21 11:15:43 GMT 2007

> I've yet to see an issue that would prevent the "suffix" option to 
> work as expected. I've confirmed with mst, who uses Config::General 
> files, that it works for him.
Then I'm screwing up somewhere... Sorry. I take mst's point about tests: 
I hadn't gone back as far as checking my use case with tests, which I 
should have done first. I'll have a go at reproducing my problem that 
way now.
> Are you setting any configuration or environment variables to further 
> tweak ConfigLoader's workings? (i.e. any of the settings described in 
> get_config_path() [1] and get_config_local_suffix() [2])
I point to the config file using the environment variable MYAPP_CONFIG, 
set in my mod_perl configuration, but I don't mess with any of the other 
ways of setting the config path, nor anything to do with the local suffix.

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