[Catalyst] CMS Revisited

Ingo Wiarda nikomar at gmx.net
Mon Nov 26 17:15:43 GMT 2007


Am Sonntag, 25. November 2007 23:50:35 schrieb Dennis Daupert:
> There have been posts from time to time regarding CMS in Catalyst on this
> mailing list. Those inspired me to try my hand at writing such a beast, so
> I decided to start a new thread on the subject. I've pushed the rock up the
> hill to a point that I'll risk having people take a look.
> The URL is http://catapult.ideastream.com

Looks good and I would really like to see how you have organized the code so 
far.  I was about to rewrite my little CMS[1] as a Catalyst-App and this 
looks like a good starting point and a chance to reduce the amount of 
reinvented wheels. 

> The last I checked, the registration widget works, so you  should be able
> to create a user, but if there's a problem, you can login with username/pw:
> tguy1/tguy1

I have registered a new account, but was unable to log in with it.
When logged in as tguy1, the login-link is still visible - is this the 
intended behaviour?


[1] CDBI / CGI::Application / HTML::Template


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