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Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Thu Nov 29 23:02:09 GMT 2007

On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 06:22:03AM -0800, Dennis Daupert wrote:
> Re: Re: CMS Revisited
> On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 18:51:21 +0000 Matt S Trout said:
> > Did you have a look at the shadowcat site codebase I posted 
> > in the last thread about CMSes as open code for people to 
> > make a start from?
> Hi Matt,

Please figure out what's wrong with your mail client and fix it; it's not
setting In-Reply-To headers so threading is broken.

If it's yahoo webmail as your mail id suggests, please get an actual mail

> Yes, I did so. By that time, I had spent months writing code which, in my estimation, is pretty close to the spirit of the Catalyst tutorial. I had in fact begun learning Cat from that source. I have written my code with an eye towards those who may be trudging up that steep hill. For example, I've liberally sprinkled log statements throughout the code, to make it easy to follow the program flow (for those who are not debugger enabled.)

That's a great thing for a tutorial or for an example app; bear in mind the
spirit of the Catalyst tutorial is "do everything the simplest way possible"
and most of the techniques it suggests you'll want to throw away within 6
months since there are usually much better approaches for production apps.

> Also, I am not well-schooled in Reaction at the moment, on which the Shadowcat code depends. I have wanted to delve into Reaction; from what I've read about Reaction it sounds quite promising. But certainly a different architecture and mindset, and I need to find the time to go back to school.

It's all just subclasses of various Catalyst bits in the end. But yes, the
mindset is evolved out of serious complex Catalyst apps, which look absolutely
nothing like the tutorial - usually lots of controller base classes, abstract
models, smart views and very little actual code under MyApp::[MVC]::, just the
stuff that ties everything else together into a complete app.
> Having said all that, I want to see the CMS project move. A number of people out there are working on various bits on their own, but I think it would be useful to get a project out in the open to get the benefit of many hands and eyeballs. I am not so wedded to my own code that I'd be unwilling to shift to some better idea.

Well, we'll see when you post your code.

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