[Catalyst] How to pass args/data from one controller to another?

Antano Solar solar345 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 20:43:00 GMT 2007

I think he was using that to just explain with less code what he was trying to 
do .

> On Friday 28 September 2007 09:43:27 pm Dustin Suchter wrote:
> > Controller "Library" has a function "list_books" that, duh, displays
> > a list of books in the lib. Each book is clickable creating an
> > action in another function in Libarary called "read_book" that's
> > only job in life as a function is to pass the $book_id over to the
> > default action in the "ReadABook" controller. How do you pass the
> > $book_id? Through the stash, though a path arg using 'uri_for' and a
> > redirect, using forward?
> I think we've been missing something in this entire conversation, namely:
> what's the point? Why have an action that does nothing besides defer or
> redirect or whatever to another action? Why does the first one need to
> exist in the first place?
> Andrew
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