[Catalyst] merging DB data with XML data

Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann ostmann at websuche.de
Fri Oct 5 11:12:42 GMT 2007

i love Xapian for something like that!


the last thing i never used bevore ;)

Carl Johnstone schrieb:
> Hi,
> This may be more of a DBIx::Class question than Catalyst, but anyway.
> I have a system where the bulk of the content is generated elsewhere 
> in XML format, I've implemented a Catalyst Model that reads the XML, 
> and returns a blessed perl data structure (with appropriate caching etc.)
> Where I've got problems is searching, it's impractical to search 1000s 
> of XML files, so I want to put some of the meta-information (and maybe 
> dump a copy of the text) into a DB for search purposes.
> What I'd like to do though is when I do a search in the DB, turn any 
> rows returned into these XML objects so I can then access the whole of 
> the content as usual.
> Suggestions welcome!
> Carl
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