[Catalyst] email confirmation widget?

Dustin Suchter dsuchter at ucla.edu
Thu Oct 11 04:08:15 GMT 2007

Has anyone put together a nice email-validation-link-generator
widget for Catalyst (or Perl, for that matter)? All I can find on
CPAN is something that is part of Jifty (whatever that is).


In a perfect world this widget would be really simple:

-generates long random codes for use in confirm links
-stores those links server-side in temp files instead of a DB to
prevent DDoS on a db
-cleans up old files after X time
-the input of the function should be an email address (which is
really just for salt)
-the output should be a text sting (hyperlink) that can be used at
will by the calling function (most likely stuffed into an email and
mailed out)


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