[Catalyst] Where is the "Catalyst for Dummies" page?

Jason Kohles email at jasonkohles.com
Sat Oct 20 01:13:13 GMT 2007

On Oct 19, 2007, at 6:11 PM, Faber J. Fedor wrote:

> So I decided to go digging through MyApp to tease out the FM.  Two
> questions immediately popped up:
> 1.  When I start MyApp and go to http://localhost:3000, I see the
> Catalyst welcome page.  Now what?  How do I (or more importantly, my
> users) know to go to http://localhost:3000/login?
You know to go there because you created the controllers.  Your users  
know to go there because you replaced the default welcome page with  
something more useful to your application.

> 2.  Looking through Login.pm, I see a call to
>     $c->login($username,$password)
> Where is this function? 'grep -ir login *' doesn't return anything  
> that
> looks like a function declaration. (Yes, I know $c is the context  
> object
> that ties the different parts of a Catalyst object together.)
The login method comes from whatever  
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::* class you used.

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