[Catalyst] Preventing Catalyst from loading a Controller pm module

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On 10/30/07, Valentin Tumarkin <valentin-lists at fuzzycow.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if there's a "standard" way for preventing Catalyst from
> loading a Controller module. I would like to keep my base Controller modu=
> in the MyApp/Controller directory, but do not want Catalyst treating them=
> http-client accessible modules.
> For example:
> MyApp/Controller/BaseController.pm
> MyApp/Controller/AdvancedBaseControllerClass.pm (uses BaseController)
> MyApp/Controller/ActualController.pm (uses AdvancedBaseController)
> At this time I'm putting my base classes in the MyApp/Base/.. directories,
> but this method just doesn't seem as "clean" to me.
> Thank you,
> Valentin
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Look at the setup_components config key:

 setup_components =3D> { except =3D> qr/MyApp::Controller::Base/ }

The struct in setup_components is passed directly to Module::Pluggable, so
you can read the pod there to figure out exactly what you want.


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