[Catalyst] TT and UNICODE: Garbled special characters

Tobias Kremer list at funkreich.de
Wed Sep 5 11:01:06 GMT 2007

Quoting Stefan Kühn <ducdebreme at early-dance.de>:
> * i saved the controller test.pm in UTF-8 encoding,
> * adapted the broken character ...

What do you mean by "adapted" ?

> * called the url
> * and it worked!

So I guess you just had the wrong filetype encoding then?

> QUESTION: Catalyst generates Perl files in the computer's standard
> encoding (which is cp1252). For *unicode best practice* it should be
> in UTF-8 encoded. Do you agree?

AFAIK Catalyst itself doesn't generate any Perl files at all. But maybe
I'm just misunderstanding your question :)


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