[Catalyst] How to use querylog plugin...

Marcello Romani mromani at ottotecnica.com
Fri Sep 14 09:48:07 GMT 2007

Marcello Romani ha scritto:
> Matt S Trout ha scritto:
>> On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 04:13:36PM +0200, Marcello Romani wrote:
>>> Hallo,
>>>     I've installed C::P::QueryLog and installed the template provided 
>>> by the pod doc, but I always get 0.00 seconds of elapsed time, no 
>>> matter how many db accesses I do.
>> Uninstall it and use the replacement model mixin the author wrote after
>> discussions on here about why it shouldn't have been a plugin.
> Well in fact I'm not using that pulgin at all... (I just installed it - 
> sorry for not thinking twice before writing).
> I'm testing it in two separate ways: by using 
> C::M::DBIC::Schema::QueryLog as base class for my model class, and by 
> attaching a DBIx::Class::QueryLog object to the $schema instance.
> The problem is that the querylog object doesn't collecte any data (or so 
> it seems to me, since the stats are all zero...)
> I think I'll build a simple "dummy" app just for testing the querylog, 
> so I get to "know" it (I'm trying to use it in a non-trivial app). 
> Sometimes in order to solve a problem you need to isolate it...
> Thanks.

Ok, I've written a very small app that only has one table 
(users(id,name,email)) and a couple of methods (create, list). The app's 
model use base C::M::DBIC::Schema::QueryLog.
Now my problem is how to obtain the querylog object used in the template 
from the docs...


Marcello Romani
Responsabile IT
Ottotecnica s.r.l.

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