[Catalyst] Catalyst::Controller::Rose::Simple

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Sun Sep 23 17:13:36 GMT 2007

On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 08:29:26AM +0200, Alexandre Jousset wrote:
> Peter Karman a écrit :
> >Alexandre Jousset wrote on 9/20/07 11:41 AM:
> >>    I'm sure I haven't your experience but for me (and also for Peter 
> >>Karman, C::C::Rose author), the suffix "::Simple" (suggested by him) 
> >>means "Take all that [what already exists, i.e. Catalyst and Rose] and 
> >>make it simpler to use together".
> >
> >Actually, I had suggested you use ::Simple because in your original 
> >email to me, (a) you had indicated you intended to use C::C::Rose, but 
> >with an API similar to the FormBuilder philosophy, and (b) you had a 
> >working title of C::C::Rose::FormManager, which I thought would be 
> >misleading, since all the existing C::C::Rose::* classes also manage forms.
> 	First, I am sorry to have spoken for you. I thought we were OK on 
> 	that...
> >As you indicate below, you don't use any of the C::C::Rose code, design 
> >or philosophy, so sharing the namespace seems misleading at the very least.
> >So I'd prefer it if you used a difference namespace altogether. I 
> >believe the latest best practice recommendation is to use the CatalystX 
> >top-level space. Perhaps something like CatalystX::RHTMLOManager or 
> >similar.
> 	Well... I don't mind to call it something else, so now I'm just 
> 	(once again) looking for a good name. CatalystX::<Something>, ok. 
> CatalystX::RHTMLOManager, NOK because it also deals optionally with RDBO 
> and I would like to mention this fact, and I think the best way is to 
> use the "Rose" name.

I think you should just rewrite the damn thing to use Controller::Rose.

That seems like a much better idea to me since Peter Karman's code is already
pretty stable and provides most of the things you need.

Just provide a different interface on top.

Re-inventing wheels is not the Catalyst way. If you want to write everything
from scratch every time, might I recommend PHP.

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