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Stephen Sykes stephen at stephensykes.us
Mon Apr 7 14:56:59 BST 2008

Carl Johnstone wrote:
>> The site looks nice, but I find it a little "bloatware" to talk of 
>> 40+ sites, when it's obvious that a good part of them share the same 
>> layout and codebase and only differ in the content.
> That would actually be my "fault", as I added those sites.
> The aim is to create a list of public facing web sites running on Cat 
> - we (currently) run 20 newspaper sites that do run on Cat. The fact 
> they share a lot of code and have some design consistency could be 
> seen as a bonus for the framework.
> For reference I work for the Regional division of the Guardian Media 
> Group (our most known publication is The Guardian newspaper 
> www.guardian.co.uk ) - the sites I listed served around 10 million 
> pages last month to around a million different people.
> Carl
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Is the Guardian run on Catalyst?


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